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December 30, 2021 — Map Filters & Speed

New Features

Map Filters

Added filters to the map page, so you can find just the kind of marker you are looking for on the map.


To open the filter sheet, click on the bar, or the result count at the top of the map page.

This works in both Online & Offline modes.

IMG_8758 copy.jpeg


Opening Marker Speed

Whenever you open a marker page, any data we had on the marker from where you selected it now gets passed into the new page, making it faster to load and read the full marker details.

Bug Fixes

Maintenance on map page, prevented unnecessary re-rendering on child components.

Version 2.0.587 or v63 via OTA update (iOS) & 2.0.593 (Android)

December 24, 2021 — Bug Fixes & Stability

Thanks for all who messaged in letting me know about the crashing and bugs in this latest version.

Bug Fixes